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Wassenaars 15: your challenge, your party, your charity. Also for 7.5km runners!


Get ready for the 10th edition of the hottest sportsevent in greater Wassenaar!

“Wassenaars 15” combines a sporty performance with a great party and charities.

Wanna know what it’s all about? Click here for the videoimpressions of the earlier editions.

“Wassenaars 15” is organised by recreational runners. While training for half and full marathons they thought that the beautiful lanes and forests of Wassenaar are ideal for a regional running event. But one in which the runners can celebrate their achievement with a smashing afterparty. The 10th edition will be held on October 13th 2024.

Your challenge: the race

Very simple: we start at 14:30 and run as fast as we can. There is no cash prize for the winner. However, we have a large “trophy cabinet” for the fastest couple, oldest runner, “last runner-up” and off course the “Coupe d’Elegance” for the most beautifully dressed lady / gentleman.

On the route you get refreshment stations at 5 and 11 kilometers. On the entire route you’ll see cheering spectators and loud music to help you through. Halfway you’ll get some fruit as well. 

Click here to register for the 15 kilometer.

Or your challenge 2.0: half the race

Is 15 a little too much? Register for the 7500. Half the effort, double the fun.

You start at 14:30 with the other runners on the same track. After Town Hall “De Paauw” 15 runners turn left and you turn right. Shortly thereafter you are back on the 15 track, but miles ahead of the 15 runners. You finish much earlier and start the party with your fellow 7500 runners.

Click here to register for the  7.5 kilometer.

Your party

If you have ran 15 kilometers, you deserve a party! And volunteers, friends and family want to share this achievement with you. So join in and dance with Dance Classics, Apres-ski, Motown!

Most runners arrive between 15.30 and 16.15. When the last runner comes in the prize giving ceremony begins. Don’t expect a dull speech with meager applause. Believe us: we know how a party should be.

There are several stands with good food, so you can replenish the calories burned. BTW: food is not included in the registration fee. Information on food reservations will follow soon. The afterparty is Sensation White, so white walking clothes are recommended.

After the prizegiving ceremony our DJ will beat you up till app. 19.00. And than it’s over! Thank you, goodbye, see you next year.

Your Charity

The best charity is you. You run the 15 of Wassenaar mainly for yourself. Isn’t it fantastic you are physically able to run this beautiful route and to make the party. We like to encourage you also to take a look at others who could use your support.

Included in your registrationfee is a € 10,- chip (or 5 or 20, your choice) which you can donate to one of the two selected charities. You receive a solid brick at the finish line. Put this at the stack of your selected charity and your contribution is done!

We select a local and a national charity, which will be published on this page.

The route

We start at the soccerclub Blauw-Zwart at the Dr. Mansveldtkade. Plenty of parking space, and easy access by bus 491 from The Hague Central (Duinrell stop, 5 min walk) or bus 43 from Leiden (Oldenbarneveldweg stop, 30 min walk). We recommend locals to come by bike. Through the centre we lead you to the “Estate-route”. After the Estate route you enter the residential area “New Wassenaar””. Through the majestic Konijnenlaan you return to the village centre and Dr. Mansveldtkade . Download the route (pdf, 2019 version).


On October 13th more than 100 volunteers will make Wassenaars 15 a success. Both in the preparation and on the day itself a lot of help is needed. Like the runners the volunteers will experience an unforgettable day. Volunteers are 16 years or older. As a volunteer you can choose from a variety of different tasks. Click here to register as volunteer. 



At Blauw-Zwart we offer a guarded wardrobe service. There are more than enough showers and cloackroom facilities to refresh after your race.